Eric Orlofsky is the co-founder of Center Street Capital LLC (“CSC”). Mr. Orlofsky oversees the acquisition analysis, capital formation, due diligence, strategic planning and new business opportunities for the firm. CSC enjoys a reputation of getting things done, while bringing unique perspectives to a deal. Prior to founding CSC, Eric Orlofsky was a managing director at the Orlo Fund, a successful real estate investment group, involved in many real estate transactions valued at approximately $250 million dollars owning over 2,000 units in New York, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia, including holdings in commercial and office properties.

While acquiring these properties with the Orlo Fund, Eric Orlofsky was instrumental in forming a property management company, Gorman Management LLC. Gorman Management has a stellar reputation for efficiently managing large multi-family distressed properties that have delinquent collections and large vacancies. Eric Orlofsky has a proven track record of turning these properties around and creating a stabilized environment.

Mr. Orlofsky also possesses a deep understanding of the legal elements of real estate transactions, as he is an attorney who has experience working in that capacity. Since 2009, Eric Orlofsky has concentrated on acquiring in the Brooklyn multi-family market. 



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