EBD Management Services is a premiere real estate management company that began when CSC's investment portfolio began to grow. From day one, we understood how important it was for an owner to be integrally involved in the day-to-day management of a great building, and the fusion of ownership and management has been a hallmark of our companies success. 

With the means and fundamentals to manage our financed properties, we began branching out and picked up contracts all throughout New York City. 

EBD Management Services offers high quality properties in desirable locations throughout New York City, providing prospective tenants with a rich and varied array of residences from which to choose. Whether you are seeking a starter studio, an airy loft or a luxury residence with family-friendly amenities, EBD Management is your source for choice, affordability and - most importantly - an owner's commitment to the place you call home.

‚ÄčTo become a client of ours, please contact our main office at 516-821-7200.